Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Randy Travis Update: Singer Is Awake, Interacting With Family

SUCH good news!!Country singer Randy Travis is still in a Nashville hospital after suffering a stroke shortly after being admitted for heart problems.The doctors have said it will most likely take Travis a few months to fully recover, but he is on the right path.Randy's fiance Mary released a statement thanking the fans for their prayers and support:"I know that Randy feels each and every one of those," Davis said in the video. "He feels the hands of the doctors and the care of the nurses and the love of his fans. His friends and family have all been touched by that. He is responding well to voices and he sees and he understands. He's miles beyond where any of us thought he would be a few days ago."Keep fighting Randy!!!

Randy Travis Update: Singer Is Awake, Interacting With Family Images

Randy Travis
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How Is Randy Travis? Latest Update Says Singer Is 'Awake And Alert ...
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He's miles beyond': Doctors give upbeat update on singer Randy Travis ...
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Randy Travis Is 'Awake & Alert,' Interacting With Friends & Family ...
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