Friday, July 12, 2013

I Got This - Day 1

Hey guys,I'm on a mission to achieve success.I posted the virtual walk - I Got This! and many people "joined" but no registrations.  Not a big deal because that isn't going to stop this girl.Yesterday was the 1st day and I set a target goal for myself - full marathon of 26.2 miles by Aug. 1st.Well, because I have high expectations, I was determined to get in 14 miles on Monday.I Got up, Got out and Got moving, by myself.   Not unusual, because in my mind I know - I Got This!!! I went back and forth about driving to my starting point, but ultimately decided to walk it all. I reached my destination of pure serenity and sat down to have my breakfast. I mean who could resist the babbling creek and green foliage to sit down and have a light breakfast of my fave- strawberry yogurt. Of course I had to proudly have my number on because I'm reppin' for no one else but me!Off I went to take advantage of the cool breeze and lack of humidity.  See, I'm smart even though there was overcast, I knew this was a great day to walk.  It was a quiet walk and not too many people out but enough to let me know that I wasn't alone. I had a goal and in my mind nothing was going to deter me.  Yes, I made some errors before I even got started.  I discounted the overcast and didn't put on any sunscreen - BIG mistake.  That overcast turned to sun, humidity and heat.  I did bring water, juice, and snacks to keep me going but it wasn't enough. I went further than I previously had done on this route because I wanted to explore and push myself to go further. I enjoyed all the little visitors I ran into along the way. Many rabbits and squirrels were out and about.  Now here comes the decision making time, left or right, I choose right. I went up and over the bridge to have a really nice view. This was my view as I walked on the bridge and was able to look at the winding trail that I'd just walked.  Yet, it was so peaceful.   I have to say that I saw sights that I hadn't anticipated and walked further than usual on a solo walk in one day.  I'm proud of what i was able to accomplish and I'm looking forward to my next walk. On Monday I was able to complete the 5K and 10K portions of my challenge.  Whoo Hooo!!! Yayyyy me. Even though I fell short of getting the 13.1 miles and total of 14 for the day but there is always the next time.  My advice is to persevere, don't give up and not to overdo it.Take it slow and listen to your body.Only you know your limits.  I'm excited about Wednesday because I'm going to get in some more miles because - I Got This!!  I am My Sister's

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