Monday, July 22, 2013

New Orleans Ice Cream Company

Way back in October or November I got samples from the New Orleans Ice Cream Company. Then I had a baby. Then it was the middle of winter and even though I am a New Englander who likes ice cream year round, I thought it would be more appropriate to write about it in the spring when people really started to get in the mood for ice cream. Though I might argue that with NOICC's unique flavors, you'd probably be in the mood year round.I have to say of the samples I received my favorite was by far the Baked Alaska (vanilla bean ice cream with meringue pieces, strawberries, cake pieces, and meringue swirl -- what's not to love?) In fact, I was a little bummed it was also my dad's favorite because we kind of had to fight over it!Some of the other flavors were a bit more intense for me and made me realize I wasn't probably the best tester because I don't like alcohol flavors or coffee flavors too much, but the good thing is that I have great friends and family who are much bigger fans of alcohol and coffee and they were more than willing to try these flavors for me.In fact, one couple we had over tried some of the ice cream and walked off with the Cajun Rum and Raisin, the Brandy Milk Punch, and the Mississippi Debris. (Although I have to say, I was hesitant to let that Mississippi Debris go -- it was a a close second, full of everything and anything chocolate...)My mom loved the Coffee and Chicory and the Chocolate City. I knew I wouldn't be a fan of the Coffee and Chicory, since I don't like coffee, but I was disappointed to taste coffee in the Chocolate City, which gave no indication in it's description that it too contained coffee and chicory. (For those of you wondering what chicory is, as I was, basically chicory has a similar flavor to coffee and is used as a coffee flavoring or as a coffee substitute.) Nonetheless, my mom was delighted in both flavors as she loves coffee and chocolate.The Red Velvet Cake was one I really wanted to like, and while the description sounded so promising, there was something in the flavor that just wasn't working for me. The only thing I could think was the creole cream cheese ice cream.The Toasted Coconut was light and yummy, but nothing as unique and outstanding as some of the other flavors in their line up. (Though the Toasted Coconut did come in their unique limited edition packaging done by a local artist, I believe, which made it stand out...)A freezer case full of New Orleans Ice Cream Co.Oh to be so lucky to have this near me...Would I buy from the again? Yes, in a heartbeat.* The ice cream is rich and creamy, not at all icy. And this company has got to have the most unique flavors of cartoned ice cream I am aware of. In fact, I have a list of flavors I want to try: Lemon Doberge Cake, Mardi Gras Pie, Peach Melba, and Satsuma Dreamsicle. As well as have a taste of my heavenly Baked Alaska again.*Why the asterisk? Because New Orleans Ice Cream Company products aren't even available within 1,000 miles of me! I love it but I don't know if I can afford the high price of shipping every time I want to eat it. But maybe for a treat or a birthday present? Husband? Yes? Thanks, New Orleans Ice Cream Company for the AWESOME samples, I just wish you hadn't turned me onto a product that's now so hard for me to get! Heehee!Images courtesy of New Orleans Ice Cream Company.

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