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Will Young in Hardy Amies - 2013 Lawrence Olivier Awards

00O00 Menswear Blog: Will Young in Hardy Amies Fall Winter 2013 - 2013 Lawrence Olivier Awards April 2013Will Young / Source: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images EuropeWill Young attended the 2013 Lawrence Olivier Awards held in London yesterday evening. The British singer/actor wore a beautifully tailored grey three piece suit from Hardy Amies Fall Winter 2013. Will was nominated for "Best Actor in a Musical" for the awards. Love the white shirt with the whimsical collar, the slick back hair and the well fitted suit. He looked really good.00O00 Menswear Blog: Will Young in Hardy Amies Fall Winter 2013 - 2013 Lawrence Olivier Awards April 2013Hardy Amies Fall Winter 2013+

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Team by Team Full Grades for the 2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys

You probably don't know this. But, I am a Cowboys fan. So I have many opinions on the way my team drafted in this draft.A wild weekend full of excitement has ended. Scouts, general mangers, and player personnel guys may now relax. Today in this segment, we will be talking about the Dallas Cowboys.NOTE: The Cowboys traded their first round pick (#18) to the San Fransisco 49ers for their first round pick (#31) and their third round pick (#80). This trade kind of made sense for Dallas because the Cowboys didn't have anyone they really wanted to select at the 18th pick. Kenny Vaccaro, Star Lotulelei, and Sheldon Richardson were all off the board. But the reason I give the Cowboys a bad grade here is because they value they got in this trade. Dallas could've definitely got the 49ers second round pick. But instead, they settled for a third round pick.Now, let's get to the draft picks!1 (#31). Travis Frederick, C/OG, WisconsinAnalysis:Travis FrederickWhen I first heard this pick, I was absolutely disgusted. I couldn't believe Jerry Jones selected a center in the first round. After watching tape and reading about him, I started to really like this pick. The first thing I noticed about Frederick is his brain. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin after his junior year with an engineering major. To be a center in today's NFL, you need to have a high football IQ. Frederick can improve the offensive line's play because of his ability to read the defense. He is a mauler. He is absolutely excellent in short yardage scenarios. He is experienced and his arms/hands are absolutely terrific. Some weaknesses are his speed and his ability to get to the second level. Frederick ran a 5.58 in his 40. To me, speed isn't a big necessity for a center. But this could really hurt his ability to get to the second level. Wisconsin is known for producing elite NFL linemen. Frederick has the ability to become an elite NFL offensive linemen. Frederick's versatility also gives him the chance to play guard.FINAL GRADE: B-2 (#47). Gavin Escobar, TE, San Jose State UniversityGavin EscobarAnalysis:I disliked this pick because it makes no sense to draft a tight end. You have Jason Witten, an all-world tight end starting, and you have James Hanna who you selected in the sixth round last year. Hanna was supposed to be the successor to Witten. Now, it is uncertain who will succeed Witten as the starting tight end. Escobar doesn't have elite speed and he isn't the best run blocker. But his hands are crazy. He can reel in every pass you throw to him. Escobar is 6"6'. Escobar is the best pass catcher in the draft. I like Escobar as a player. But it really makes no sense why Dallas drafted him. If Dallas wanted a tight end they should've waited till the later rounds to select a guy like Ryan Griffin. With so many needs, this shouldn't have been Dallas' second round pick. Escobar is going to excel in the red-zone.Having an elite red-zone target is nice to have for Dallas, but Escobar was the wrong pick here.FINAL GRADE: C3a (#74). Terrance Williams, WR, BaylorTerrance WilliamsAnalysis:Wide Receiver might not have been the biggest need for the Cowboys. But selecting Williams, really benefits them. Seeing Miles Austin is becoming an annual thing for Cowboy fans. Dez Bryant also has some injury concerns. If Austin or Bryant is injured, there isn't one receiver on the Cowboys that can play the outside. Dwayne Harris, Danny Coale, and Cole Beasley are best fitted inside in the slot. Williams can play either/or. Williams is 6"2'. This makes him a matchup nightmares for opposing secondaries. Williams is a burner. He ran a 4.52 in his 40. His ability to play the slot or on the outside really makes me like this kid. Williams has excellent hands. He is a good route runner. He is good at running after the catch. He is a polished receiver and he is a good red-zone target. His weakness is fighting off cornerbacks who are pressing him. Also, he isn't the best run-blocker. Williams was a good get in the third round.FINAL GRADE: B+3b (#80). J.J. Wilcox, FS/SS, Georgia SouthernAnalysis:J.J. WilcoxI really like this kid. He is a high character guy who speaks well. Just listening to this guy, you get the feeling he is a future leader. Wilcox used to play wide receiver and he is a dynamic athlete. He has excellent on ball skills and also has the ability to come up from the secondary and make the tackle. He is the ultimate team player. Due to his versatility, Wilcox has the flexibility to play free safety or strong safety.  Monte Kiffin is going to love this kid.  Playing for Georgia Southern might've hurt his draft stock, but Dallas knows what they are getting in this kid. I expect Wilcox to beat out Matt Johnson and win the starting free safety job for the Dallas secondary.FINAL GRADE: A-4 (#114). B.W. Webb, CB, William & MaryAnalysis:B.W. WebbWebb is a great player from a small school. But just like Gavin Escobar, this is a position that Dallas should've felt comfortable with. Once again, Dallas has many needs. Selecting a cornerback didn't fill a need. Webb has excellent on ball skills. Webb has good potential and he has an excellent head on his shoulders. But, his body does not translate well in the NFL. Webb is 5"10' and he only weighs 184 pounds. Webb might be nothing more than a slot cornerback in the NFL, and that's what really scares me.FINAL GRADE: C+5 (#151). Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma StateAnalysis:Joseph RandleRandle is the perfect complement. He may not have the best speed, but he has complete vision. He has a high football IQ. The most like-able thing about Randle, is his pass catching ability. Randle would be an excellent third down back for the Cowboys. Like Miles Austin, seeing DeMarco Murray injured is becoming an annual thing to watch for Cowboy fans. If Murray goes down, Randle can come in and become an excellent playmaker for the Cowboys' offense. Randle needs to work on his pass protection. But with become a dynamic threat for opposing defenses.FINAL GRADE: B+6 (#185). DeVonte Holloman, OLB, South CarolinaAnalysis:DeVonte HollomanThis pick could be the steal of the draft. Holloman used to play cornerback and safety. His athleticism is undeniable. The Cowboys switched to a 4-3 defense in the offseason. In a 4-3, you have three linebackers. The three linebacker spots are the "mike", "sam", and the "will" position. Sean Lee is going to man the "mike" position. Bruce Carter is going to man the "sam" position. But, the "will" position has not been settled yet. For that linebacker position, you need to be quick, strong, and athletic. Basically, you need to be a hybrid linebacker. Good news for Holloman, because that is exactly what he is. Holloman is a beast. I had him as a second round grade. Dallas got him in the sixth round. For Holloman to start, he will have to turn heads in preseason. He will becompeting with Justin Durant, Alex Albright, and Brandon Magee for the last linebacker position. I really like Holloman and his upside.FINAL GRADE: AALL IN ALL:The Cowboys drafted guys who can immediately help the franchise while also build for the future. Their draft could've been better, but it wasn't. In order, these are the players I liked most: Terrance Williams, DeVonte Holloman, Travis Frederick, and Joseph Randle, Gavin Escobar, and B.W. Webb. PREDICTIONS:All could be major contributors this year. I expect Williams to be the third receiver on the roster. I see Holloman becoming an instant special teams stud. I think Holloman will start at the will linebacker position next year. I believe Frederick will play right guard, that's only if Phil Costa can stay healthy. Randle will complement Murray in many ways. Escobar will become a good red-zone target. Last, B.W. Webb will be the fourth cornerback on the roster.FINAL DRAFT GRADE: B-Thanks for reading!

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2013 NFL Draft Grades: Full Scores for Each Team | Bleacher Report
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2013 NFL Draft: The draft accomplished two things for Dallas Cowboys
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Stop Complaining About NBA Early Draft Entrants!

You see these guys wearing your favorite school's jersey.  They smile.  They get up for your big rival.  You know what they bring your team and how good they could be.  You blog, tweet and call talk radio about them.But you don't know them.  You think you do, but you don't.Every year, we have a lot of guys leaving college early to put their name in the NBA Draft.  A lot more than you think do not get drafted.  They could be relegated to the NBA's D-League or try to carve out a career overseas.  They aren't all Anthony Davis.Every once in a while, your team has one of these guys bolt.  This year for my beloved North Carolina Tar Heels, Reggie Bullock fits that bill.  He is leaving after his junior year to get into the NBA Draft.  He may be a 1st round pick, but will most likely have to wait until the 2nd round to hear his name called.  What!!!  What is he doing!!! He's giving up on playing at UNC for one more season ... his senior season ... on what could be a highly ranked squad just to maybe make it in the League?I would kill for that one season!But I'm not him.  I didn't come from where he came from.  I don't have the financial considerations that he may have.  I mean, how many people get this opportunity?No, Bullock really isn't ready for the NBA.  He will be a one trick pony in the league.  A nice shooter who can guard a bit out there ... but not much else.  At UNC, he'd be a key cog in the upcoming season with those abilities, but it won't translate as well to the League.  Who knows?  He could have a Hubert Davis kind of productive career.  Or he could have Joseph Forte's career.  Still, I can't fault him.  The Heels fan in me would love to have him back for his senior season.  But I can't fault him.  Why?*This is a very weak draft.  I seriously doubt Bullock will develop much more skill-wise than he has to this point.  He'd be the same cat next year as he is now.  May as well go now since the draft is so weak.  This draft ... he could crack the first round.  Next year with that amazing 2013 freshman class entering the draft, Bullock's stock will suffer.*His class is gone.  Remember that Bullock came to Carolina with Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall.  Both just finished their rookie seasons in the NBA.  Barnes is in the postseason.  Marshall had a rough start but started to play well when the Suns gave him a chance down the stretch.  *From what I've heard, he is one of those kids who has a meager background.  He and his family needs money.  I can't fault him for that since he isn't sure any money would be available if he waited.  So cut these kids some slack when they leave.  There may be more than meets the eye.

Stop Complaining About NBA Early Draft Entrants! Images

Hardaway announces entry to NBA draft |
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Quick Thoughts on the 2013 NFL Draft

After quarterbacks, there is nothing I love looking at more than pass rushers. There's just a lot to watch, because even on plays where they do nothing, you can still learn things about them. I took a look at guys in no particular order, and it kind of worked out perfectly as we start on a bad note but end on a good one.I wouldn't touch Ezekial Ansah from BYU. I watched his game against Hawaii, and had he not been circled on every play, I would have had no idea he was on the field. He may be a great athlete, but he has a far ways to go before he is a football player. He rushes straight up, is easily blocked because of that and just kind of keeps pushing forward as his only pass rushing move. He does not read plays well which makes him poor in run stopping as well. On top of this, he is not a good tackler, as he just kind of fell off guys multiple times. I would not touch him until the middle rounds where you can gamble on the upside and hope your coaching staff can help him develop.On the bright side for BYU fans, even though he was not circled, number 3 jumps off the screen on defense. I looked it up to make sure I wasn't being an idiot, but no, it was Kyle Van Noy who was a third team All-American. That dude is fun to watch. I am very high on him for next year.Dion Jordan has legit quickness, especially in his ability to change directions. He's got a lot of positive reviews for his ability to cover, and I can see why, because all the athletic gifts are there. He played well against Stanford, but I don't know if this guy is an elite pass rusher. He does a decent job of dipping his shoulder when pass rushing, but he never wowed me in his pass rush skills. I honestly didn't see enough to make a definite decision. I see first round athleticism but not sure if I would want to take him in the top 10 picks.Bjoern Werner definitely doesn't have the athleticism of Dion Jordan. But he's got a motor. He blocked two guys after an interception against Miami. What really stands out are his instincts. He does a good job of reading and reacting to plays. He's not a guy who bit on things and he adjusted quickly to runs and passes. He's gotten grouped in with pass rushers, but this guy is a 4-3 Defensive End that should not be playing linebacker. Where he's got an advantage over the other guys is power, he was basically able to shuck Seantrel Henderson who is a legit offensive line prospect for next year's draft and get a sack. If I am a 3-4 team, I'm not as interested in Werner, but as a 4-3 team looking for a defensive end, this is my guy in this draft.After Werner, I decided to watch another "slow" prospect and check out Jarvis Jones's game against Alabama. I love productive guys in college, because it usually translates pretty well to the next level, especially on things like pass rushing skills. Jarvis Jones has a motor. Honestly, he may not be the best athlete, but he is definitely quick. Straight line speed really doesn't mean shit when it comes to pass rushing. His best pass rushing move was using his quickness to the outside and dipping that inside shoulder. He does a nice job of making himself a small target for offensive linemen, which is a skill that definitely translates to the next level. I think he can be a double-digit sack guy at the next level.Quick side note. Watch this Alec Ogletree play.That's all I need to see from him for me to want the Bears to draft him.I watched Barkevious Mingo's game against Clemson. This guy was the opposite of Jarvis Jones as the numbers never seemed to match the scouting reports. In this case, I am definitely going with the scouting reports. He pops off the screen and shows a rare ability to explode right at the snap. There were a few moments where I just went "Jesus Christ" while watching the film. Although his sack numbers were not there, the production was. He caused a ton of hurries and just faced a lot of teams with quick passing attacks where there wasn't much he could do. He's got a good bend when rushing to the outside and he's quick enough to cause havoc when looping to the inside. He also has the makings of a pretty solid spin move as he keeps his body pretty tight in it. If I'm getting a pass rusher in this draft, Mingo is my guy. He's not a traditional 4-3 defensive end like he played in college, but making him a 3-4 outside linebacker or a Leo in a 4-3, similar to Bruce Irvin, would lead to a ton of production. The only concern is his pass coverage skills, because he never had to in college, but the raw material is there for him to at least be passable from the start.  Some team is going to be very happy to get this guy on their team.In full disclosure, I have to admit that I hated Aldon Smith coming out of college, but I feel I learned from my mistake of hating a guy for only making ankle tackles. If it's effective, there is no need to change, and he found a great scheme for his skillset. Still, I wrote this, and I can't completely ignore it, "I was in the middle of writing about Aldon Smith being the worst pick of the first round when, holy shit, Jake Locker got selected one pick after him." The second half of that comment was at least fine. I will still hold my head high on this one forever and ever. Also, one last note, I am going to try to live blog parts of the draft. Tonight, I am stuck at an event, but I will try to follow along and sneak in Twitter remarks (@HottJoe). Lukewarm Jonah expressed interest in live blogging the later rounds, so we may try and do that. Stay tuned. 

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2013 NFL Draft: Top "Niche" Prospects Atop the Draft
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NFL Draft
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Quarterback Ratings 2013 NFL Draft

I evaluated the 2013 quarterbacks on a scale of 1-10. Here are some recent players drafted to compare them to: Andrew Luck 9.8Nick Foles 7.8Tim Tebow 4.82013Geno Smith 7.6EJ Manuel 7.4Ryan Nassib 7.1Matt Barkley 7.0 Landry Jones 6.8Mike Glennon 6.7 Matt Scott 6.6Zac Dysert 6.2Sean Renfree 6.1Tyler Wilson 6.0Ryan Griffin 5.9Tyler Bray 5.6Jordan Rodgers 5.2Collin Klein 3.6

Quarterback Ratings 2013 NFL Draft Images

2013 NFL Draft spotlight: QB Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech ...
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geno smith fiction many in the field have learned that quarterbacks ...
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Cars: Porsche

Between The White Lines

Cars: Porsche Images

... sacrificing the elegance and style that Porsche cars are known for
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Sports Cars » Fast Cars » Porsche Carrera GT » silver porsche ...
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... Porsche 911 for Sale by Owner – Buy Cheap Pre-Owned Porsche Cars
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Porsche 911 Review Price Photos Specifications Models | Auto Advices
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Mock Draft 19.0 Major Changes and More To Come

1. Chiefs: Eric Fisher OT2. Jaguars: Dion Jordan OLB/DE3. Lions from Raiders: Luke Joeckel OT4. Eagles: Lane Johnson OT5. Raiders from Lions: Sharrif Floyd DT6. Browns: Dee Milliner CB7. Cardinals: Ezekiel Ansah DE8. Bills: Ryan Nassib QB9. Jets: Barkevious Mingo OLB/DE10. Titans: Star Lotulelei DT11. Chargers: Jonathan Cooper OG12. Cowboys from Dolphins: Kenny Vaccaro S13. Jets: DJ Hayden CB14. Vikings from Panthers: Tavon Austin WR/Whatever Percy Harvin Played15. Saints: Jarvis Jones OLB16. Rams: Eric Reid S17. Steelers: Cordarrelle Patterson WR18. Dolphins from Cowboys: D.J. Fluker OT/G19. Giants: Chance Warmack OG20. Bears: Alec Ogletree LB21. Jaguars from Bengals: Geno Smith QB22. Rams: Justin Hunter WR23. Panthers from Vikings: Sheldon Richardson DT24. Colts: Xavier Rhodes CB25. Vikings: Sylvester Williams DT26. 49ers from Packers: Jonathan Cyprien S27. Texans: Desmond Trufant CB28. Broncos: Matt Elam S29. Patriots: Kawann Short DT30. Falcons: Bjoern Werner DE31. Packers from 49ers: DeAndre Hopkins WR32. Ravens: Manti Te'oPlease comment, because I want to hear a variety of opinions, and I want to develop a better mock draft.

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the fourth mock draft I ve written and each time, the names change to ...
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Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Melissa Dee

Melissa Dee // FacebookAge:30Occupation:Pin UpWhere are you from:Pleasant Hill, CaliforniaFavorite photographer to work with:Edson CarlosArtist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)Jellyfish JonesChristina Miliusis MUATell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?The shot of me in the Pabst Blue Ribbon is the first Pin Up picture I ever took! With the second shot I'm Miss September in The Breast Cancer Foundations 2013 calendar & the last is a twist on the "traditional" holiday shot.How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?Not very long! I always admired & wanted to be a Pin Up since I was a little girl. Finally I had my first Pin Up Shoot just this past July & my first photo submitted in September.Prior to that in 2003 I had a national contract with Coors Light & was featured in promotional ads.Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?The Bomber Pin Ups like Rita Hayworth were what made me want to be a Pin Up as a little girl. love Sophia Loren! She is a huge inspiration & were both Italian. Bettie Page is another one of my favoriteWhat is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?I have so many! At the moment in really into Michael Kors handbagsWhat is your favorite color and why?Red! Its a powerful color you can't help but feel confident when you wear it.If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be?My Father, he passed away 5 years ago......he was/is the best Dad a girl could ask for!How did you get your model name?Melissa is my real first name & Dee is a play on my last name from childhood. In elementary school I think we had 4 Melissa's. So I spent a lot of my school days as Melissa D

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Melissa Dee Images

Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth: Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!
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Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth: Nearly Famous ~ Pinup Wednesday!
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If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? Robert ...
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Twinkies Return

Twinkies Return, The partnership that bought Hostess Brands' snack cake lines, including Twinkies, has announced it will reopen the bakery in Emporia this summer, with 250 employees to start.The private equity groups Apollo Global Management and Metropolis & Co. — now doing business as Hostess Brands LLC — recently paid $410 million for the rights to buy the Hostess and Dolly Madison snack cake lines as well as five plants, including the one in Emporia..REPORTEDBut Emporia City Commissioner Jon Geitz told KVOE-AM there had been no assurance the local bakery would reopen, so Thursday's announcement was good news."Having 250, 300 new employees coming in is a big win for the community," Geitz said, noting the plant and the city had been "'good partners for nearly 40 years."Hostess Brands LLC said hiring is already underway for an initial 250 employees. The company is aiming for a total workforce of about 300 over the next several years, and the plant will be expanded. Officials hope it will start turning out Twinkies, HoHos and other Hostess mainstays by mid- to late summer.Company spokesman Mike Cramer declined comment on whether union employees would be a part of the picture. More than 90 percent of the plant's employees at the time of the shutdown were union members.Geitz is vice president of the Regional Development Association of Eastern Kansas, which together with Emporia Mayor Bobbi Mlynar worked to convince the new owners to reopen the plant.In a statement issued by the company, Mlynar said the plant has been a "good corporate citizen in our community. We look forward to the same type of relationship with the new owners."Kansas officials also worked for the reopening."Certainly the city and state were way out in front, trying to stay in touch, seeing what they could do to help," Cramer said.With the plant idle since November, Cramer said a lot of work is needed to make the plant current. Besides cleaning and maintenance, the company is investing in new equipment and refurbishing existing equipment. It is also changing its packaging and shipping methods before starting to roll out cake products.

Twinkies Return Images

Twinkies Returning To Store Shelves This July
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Twinkies Will Return After Sale to Buyout Firm | ABC News Blogs ...
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Twinkies returning from the dead.
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Twinkies could return by summer after Hostess moved ahead with plans ...
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Video of Boston Marathon Explosion, Another Bomb Falsely Reported at JFK Library


Video of Boston Marathon Explosion, Another Bomb Falsely Reported at JFK Library Images

Boston Marathon Explosion Live: 2 Bombs Rip Marathon Finish Line ...
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TERROR BOMBING at Boston Marathon — 3 Dead, 130-Plus Wounded
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