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Team by Team Full Grades for the 2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys

You probably don't know this. But, I am a Cowboys fan. So I have many opinions on the way my team drafted in this draft.A wild weekend full of excitement has ended. Scouts, general mangers, and player personnel guys may now relax. Today in this segment, we will be talking about the Dallas Cowboys.NOTE: The Cowboys traded their first round pick (#18) to the San Fransisco 49ers for their first round pick (#31) and their third round pick (#80). This trade kind of made sense for Dallas because the Cowboys didn't have anyone they really wanted to select at the 18th pick. Kenny Vaccaro, Star Lotulelei, and Sheldon Richardson were all off the board. But the reason I give the Cowboys a bad grade here is because they value they got in this trade. Dallas could've definitely got the 49ers second round pick. But instead, they settled for a third round pick.Now, let's get to the draft picks!1 (#31). Travis Frederick, C/OG, WisconsinAnalysis:Travis FrederickWhen I first heard this pick, I was absolutely disgusted. I couldn't believe Jerry Jones selected a center in the first round. After watching tape and reading about him, I started to really like this pick. The first thing I noticed about Frederick is his brain. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin after his junior year with an engineering major. To be a center in today's NFL, you need to have a high football IQ. Frederick can improve the offensive line's play because of his ability to read the defense. He is a mauler. He is absolutely excellent in short yardage scenarios. He is experienced and his arms/hands are absolutely terrific. Some weaknesses are his speed and his ability to get to the second level. Frederick ran a 5.58 in his 40. To me, speed isn't a big necessity for a center. But this could really hurt his ability to get to the second level. Wisconsin is known for producing elite NFL linemen. Frederick has the ability to become an elite NFL offensive linemen. Frederick's versatility also gives him the chance to play guard.FINAL GRADE: B-2 (#47). Gavin Escobar, TE, San Jose State UniversityGavin EscobarAnalysis:I disliked this pick because it makes no sense to draft a tight end. You have Jason Witten, an all-world tight end starting, and you have James Hanna who you selected in the sixth round last year. Hanna was supposed to be the successor to Witten. Now, it is uncertain who will succeed Witten as the starting tight end. Escobar doesn't have elite speed and he isn't the best run blocker. But his hands are crazy. He can reel in every pass you throw to him. Escobar is 6"6'. Escobar is the best pass catcher in the draft. I like Escobar as a player. But it really makes no sense why Dallas drafted him. If Dallas wanted a tight end they should've waited till the later rounds to select a guy like Ryan Griffin. With so many needs, this shouldn't have been Dallas' second round pick. Escobar is going to excel in the red-zone.Having an elite red-zone target is nice to have for Dallas, but Escobar was the wrong pick here.FINAL GRADE: C3a (#74). Terrance Williams, WR, BaylorTerrance WilliamsAnalysis:Wide Receiver might not have been the biggest need for the Cowboys. But selecting Williams, really benefits them. Seeing Miles Austin is becoming an annual thing for Cowboy fans. Dez Bryant also has some injury concerns. If Austin or Bryant is injured, there isn't one receiver on the Cowboys that can play the outside. Dwayne Harris, Danny Coale, and Cole Beasley are best fitted inside in the slot. Williams can play either/or. Williams is 6"2'. This makes him a matchup nightmares for opposing secondaries. Williams is a burner. He ran a 4.52 in his 40. His ability to play the slot or on the outside really makes me like this kid. Williams has excellent hands. He is a good route runner. He is good at running after the catch. He is a polished receiver and he is a good red-zone target. His weakness is fighting off cornerbacks who are pressing him. Also, he isn't the best run-blocker. Williams was a good get in the third round.FINAL GRADE: B+3b (#80). J.J. Wilcox, FS/SS, Georgia SouthernAnalysis:J.J. WilcoxI really like this kid. He is a high character guy who speaks well. Just listening to this guy, you get the feeling he is a future leader. Wilcox used to play wide receiver and he is a dynamic athlete. He has excellent on ball skills and also has the ability to come up from the secondary and make the tackle. He is the ultimate team player. Due to his versatility, Wilcox has the flexibility to play free safety or strong safety.  Monte Kiffin is going to love this kid.  Playing for Georgia Southern might've hurt his draft stock, but Dallas knows what they are getting in this kid. I expect Wilcox to beat out Matt Johnson and win the starting free safety job for the Dallas secondary.FINAL GRADE: A-4 (#114). B.W. Webb, CB, William & MaryAnalysis:B.W. WebbWebb is a great player from a small school. But just like Gavin Escobar, this is a position that Dallas should've felt comfortable with. Once again, Dallas has many needs. Selecting a cornerback didn't fill a need. Webb has excellent on ball skills. Webb has good potential and he has an excellent head on his shoulders. But, his body does not translate well in the NFL. Webb is 5"10' and he only weighs 184 pounds. Webb might be nothing more than a slot cornerback in the NFL, and that's what really scares me.FINAL GRADE: C+5 (#151). Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma StateAnalysis:Joseph RandleRandle is the perfect complement. He may not have the best speed, but he has complete vision. He has a high football IQ. The most like-able thing about Randle, is his pass catching ability. Randle would be an excellent third down back for the Cowboys. Like Miles Austin, seeing DeMarco Murray injured is becoming an annual thing to watch for Cowboy fans. If Murray goes down, Randle can come in and become an excellent playmaker for the Cowboys' offense. Randle needs to work on his pass protection. But with become a dynamic threat for opposing defenses.FINAL GRADE: B+6 (#185). DeVonte Holloman, OLB, South CarolinaAnalysis:DeVonte HollomanThis pick could be the steal of the draft. Holloman used to play cornerback and safety. His athleticism is undeniable. The Cowboys switched to a 4-3 defense in the offseason. In a 4-3, you have three linebackers. The three linebacker spots are the "mike", "sam", and the "will" position. Sean Lee is going to man the "mike" position. Bruce Carter is going to man the "sam" position. But, the "will" position has not been settled yet. For that linebacker position, you need to be quick, strong, and athletic. Basically, you need to be a hybrid linebacker. Good news for Holloman, because that is exactly what he is. Holloman is a beast. I had him as a second round grade. Dallas got him in the sixth round. For Holloman to start, he will have to turn heads in preseason. He will becompeting with Justin Durant, Alex Albright, and Brandon Magee for the last linebacker position. I really like Holloman and his upside.FINAL GRADE: AALL IN ALL:The Cowboys drafted guys who can immediately help the franchise while also build for the future. Their draft could've been better, but it wasn't. In order, these are the players I liked most: Terrance Williams, DeVonte Holloman, Travis Frederick, and Joseph Randle, Gavin Escobar, and B.W. Webb. PREDICTIONS:All could be major contributors this year. I expect Williams to be the third receiver on the roster. I see Holloman becoming an instant special teams stud. I think Holloman will start at the will linebacker position next year. I believe Frederick will play right guard, that's only if Phil Costa can stay healthy. Randle will complement Murray in many ways. Escobar will become a good red-zone target. Last, B.W. Webb will be the fourth cornerback on the roster.FINAL DRAFT GRADE: B-Thanks for reading!

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