Friday, April 19, 2013

Ted Danson Divorce $30 Million

Ted Danson Divorce $30 Million, Ted Danson's claim to fame is undoubtedly his decade-long stint as Sam Malone on NBC's celebrated sitcom Cheers .While he did other TV shows and movies, he will always be known as the bartender of that place where everybody knows your name. He met his future first bride Casey, a designer, in 1976 while doing Erhard Seminars Training..reported..askmen.Ten years his senior, she suffered a paralyzing stroke while giving birth to their first child in 1979. In order to nurse her back to health, Danson took a break from acting for six months. But after two children and 15 years of marriage, the infatuation fell to pieces.Danson had started seeing Whoopi Goldberg while filming the comedy, Made in America and this precipitated the 1992 divorce. Casey got $30 million for her trouble.

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Ted Danson’s divorce from Casey Coats, $30 million
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divorce $ 30 million ted danson friar s club roast
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Ted Danson
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Ted Danson Divorce $30 Million

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