Sunday, July 14, 2013


Snowmen!  I was tiring a bit of stitching on patriotic things so decided to change it up a bit.  These are grungy icicle snowmen ornaments.  Doncha just love that wee one with his ear muffs?!  These were embroidered, sewn up, stuffed, given headwear and trimmings, than spritzed with coffee and baked to grungy perfection.  :o)I didn't have quite enough rusty jingle bells and pins so I decided to try my hand at rusting my own.  I just did a google search for rusting recipe, chose one of the non toxic recipes (without bleach) that I found and started "cooking".  Here is what the solution looked like when the magic was happening: It rises and bubbles like crazy!  And here are the (rusty) fruits of my labor: Please excuse the quality of the pictures.  It has been raining here for 11 days!  The sun did manage to peek through for a couple of hours today but I can hear a downpour outside as I type.  I sure hope it doesn't rain all day again tomorrow.   Okay, I am off to see what I can cook up next! 

Grungy Images

Grungy stars Twitter background | Twitter backgrounds ...
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Grungy Paper 05 (grungy_paper_05.jpg)
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Grungy Green Paper - "San Francisco Marigolds" Digital Scrapbooking ...
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Grungy Brown and Gold Paper - Heritage Thoughts Digital Scrapbooking ...
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