Monday, July 29, 2013

Government adopts golf tourism

"25 Thu, Jul 2013  Golf tourism will form a critical pillar of the sports tourism strategy that is currently in development and scheduled for draft release later this year, says Deputy Minister of Tourism, Tokozile Xasa. She was speaking at a recent National Department of Tourism-hosted seminar exploring the potential of the South African golf tourism market. The seminar attracted close to 60 delegates, according to organiser, PelePele Travel & Marketing’s Natalie van Blerk.Peter Walton, of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), opened the seminar by explaining the global golf tourism market, how South Africa fits in and outlining potential for market growth.The general consensus of breakaway groups was that South Africa had a great product offering, however issues of awareness and access were the major obstacles to growing the market.Golf operator, Patrick Barta, of Golf Gourmet, says he is encouraged by the acknowledgment of the market. “Golf tourism has not previously been incorporated into the strategies of the National Department of Tourism. The Deputy Minister confirming the market as a priority and incorporating it in its plans is a very positive sign.”Ian Leach of Zebula Golf Estate and Spa was also enthusiastic about the proposed market development, however cautioned that actions must follow talk.Interesting golf tourism stats from IAGTO:• There are 54 million golfers worldwide• 25% of these say they will go on a golf holiday in the next 12 months• Golfers on average spend 120% more per day than the general average• Golf tourism bounces back from economic shocks quicker than any other tourism marketReaders interested in the initiative can contact the South African Golf Tourism Association (SAGTA) • Chairman – Tabiso (Tabs) Magodielo  • Vice Chairman – Adam Veysey "-

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