Friday, July 26, 2013

Chinese Dinner - A minute Video

First I copied the video from Qinni Lee's Facebook that I enjoyed. Thank you Qinni!However, some viewers could not open the FB video. So I am deleting that one. Fortunately, Charles Wang sent me one that he found on YouTube that seems to work OK. So here it is. Thank you Charles!I don't know where this video originated. Thank you whoever created it because I still get a good laugh from it every time I see it. It is just so good that I have to share! Hope you enjoy the minute as much as I do.Chinese dining tablePublished on Jul 13, 2013 by hua68114Thank you hua68114!

Chinese Dinner - A minute Video Images

guide for ordering food in china a standard chinese meal
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Compare Bone China Dinner Set-Source Bone China Dinner Set by ...
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