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Survivor 26.13

Here is the Official Bodacious Baldies Survivor: Caramoan Recap for week 13:Mary Beth's 2Cents - Day 35 – Probst starts the show off by running down the line up of people who are now missing from the island, each one meticulously voted off one by one. But there is someone else missing from tonight's recap and that's… Peever! Due to circumstances beyond his control, Peever was not able to join us for tonight's recap so I will write on in his stead. (And he better get well soon!)At the start, Eddie laments that he feels like a sitting duck. He's been the luckiest person on Survivor thus far, somehow managing to survive each Tribal Council without really having to try. No one is more surprised about this than Eddie! Meanwhile, Erik is having a full on melt down. He's hungry and threatening to climb coconut trees of immense height to get something to eat. He even breaks down and cries. But very soon a tree mail arrives, with some clever product placement by the EVO LTE by Spring which lets all the castaways know their loved ones are near. They get to watch video taped messages from them on the EVO LTE by Sprint. Brenda's Dad, Dawn's husband, Sherri's husband, Cochran's mom, Eddie's dad, and Erik's brother are all there. At the subsequent reward challenge, we get to meet all of these loved ones in person. But first, Probst asks them all how they liked getting the EVO LTE by Sprint in the tree mail. Sheesh! Product placement overload. Once the loved ones start coming out the tears start rolling. Brenda has such a heart felt reunion with her Dad it even makes crusty Jeff Probst cry! Dawn was crying for everyone. A full on “ugly” cry too. Almost to the point of needing a straight jacket. By the time her husband came out I thought she was going to need a medic! I'm over Dawn. She annoys the bejesus out of me with her wishy-washy “I need to play my own game” mantra while she sways any way the wind blows! I wish she would go! The Reward Challenge was simple but tiring. The two (survivor and loved one) had to spin around and around to unscrew a long stick, which released a bolo. When they got all three they started tossing them on a ladder-type thingy and the first team to get all three hanging on there wins! The Reward was a floating back yard barbecue and time with their loved ones. It really came down to three teams of two duking it out. Sherri and her husband, Eddie and his Dad and Brenda and her Dad. Cochran and his poor mom got silly/dizzy on the first try and then spent the time chatting for the rest of the time while just going through the motions of competing. In the end, Brenda and her Dad won. She got to choose one other person to take with her and she chose Dawn. But then there was a horrible twist. Probst told her she could either choose one more person to take with her and Dawn or she could give the entire reward to the other four people AND in addition to the original loved ones, their second choice loved ones were also there! Dun-Duh-Duuummmm! (Dramatic music) And… cut to a EVO LTE from Sprint commercial. No kidding! When they came back to the show, Brenda selflessly gave up the reward to the others, which sent Dawn into a downward spiral of mass proportion. On the Barbecue Party Boat, Cochran was getting a kick out of his Dad (his second loved one) who had seemingly gone “Hollywood” by wearing sunglasses and flipping the burgers on the grill. Back at camp, Dawn alternated between crying and wanting to spit on the others for not being able to take part. She was hungry and angry and sad and snotty all at the same time. Brenda reminded her they were only 4 days away from the end and advised her to hold it together. Once everyone came back, Cochran realized that Brenda's kind gesture made her someone to be watched. He said it best with “Likeability is a liability if I have anything to do with it!” Gotta love how he thinks!The Immunity Challenge was a good, old-fashioned challenge of strength and will power. They had to hold onto a handle attached to a winch, which was lowered at times intervals. Last one standing won. There were no food bribes, no negotiations – just pure force of will.Cochran fell first, followed by Eddie, Erik, and Sherri leaving Dawn and Brenda to the end. Dawn tried to get Brenda to quit but she wouldn't give it up that easily. Still, Brenda fell next making Dawn the winner. It was the first time Dawn won anything in all of her time on Survivor. Afterwards, Brenda intimated that she might have let Dawn win and that she could have held on much longer than she did. She alluded to Dawn's paranoia as the deciding factor in her letting her win. Cochran starts thinking that Brenda should be the next to go though the easy vote, and the one they are all counting on, is Eddie. Cochran isn't sure how to approach his alliance about voting Brenda off but it turns out he doesn't have to because Sherri mentions it to him first! They then get Dawn on board though I have to admit it's hard to tell with Dawn. She is so confused as always! At Tribal, Cochran gives a sharp hint when he says, “The easy vote is not always the smartest vote!” The votes are tallied and it becomes clear that little Brenda is getting blindsided. Even my Malcolm can see it coming as he jokingly holds the rest of the jury back. No one is more surprised than Brenda and she actually whimpers “I was honest with you. I was genuine. It hurts…” as she went off sobbing into the forest. I have to admit I did kind of feel bad for her. I mean she gave up her time with her Dad for them and then they do this to her? But, as a true Survivor geek, I love a good blindside and she'll get over it! But then, I know how much Peever liked Brenda and now she's gone. I'm sure I heard a groan of despair coming from his direction. But he'll get over it too! I just have two last words for this 2Cents-GO COCHRAN!!I would like to thank Mary Beth for going solo for week 13. Great stuff as usual! I will be commenting on tonight’s finale and reunion show. Because that recap will be so very special, it might not be up right away. But rest assured, the wait will be well worth it – I have a special treat in store for everyone! Until next time…from the booth.

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