Saturday, May 18, 2013

American Idol 2013 - Winner! Winner! Winner!!!!!

This week, the 2 remaining AI contestants Candice & Kree are battling up to win the idol title this season.I watched the show last night and it wasn't that exciting, except for Kree's performance of "Angel" by Sarah Mclachlan (chosen by Simon Fuller, the AI's creator) & Candice's performance of "I who have nothing" by Tom Jones.I thought both of the songs were beautifully sang by them & I was in fact so captivated. Especially the Angel song. It's actually my all-time favorite song from my childhood favorite singer, Sarah Mclachlan. Back when I was a teenager, I listen to Sarah's, Jewel's and Natalie Imbruglia's. That's actually one of my favorite song in fact. Although that wasn't anywhere near as good as Sarah, but that was still good all the same. Randy Jackson disagreed with Simon's choice of song though. Oh and I forgot to mention anywhere in my post, Randy is leaving AI and this will be his last season. So sad... AI without Randy is different! He's been there all along. I will miss him.....She look stunning in this white dress, and singing this soul music, awhhh I am so inspired!And this is what we call powerful vocal... A fantastic rendition of Tom Jones's song. I absolutely trust her in this.Today the result is out (although I only got to watch the live show on TV tonight), and the winner of American Idol 2013 is .................................CANDICE GLOVER!!!!!!!!! (I'm right this time, and oh I'm soooo HapPy!!!!)She deserves this so much ... I'll update on tonight's show later, hang in there! :-)

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American Idol Winner Arrested After Attempting To Smuggle HEROIN Into ...
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Keith Urban: ‘American Idol’ Winner Will Be A Girl In 2013 ...
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... american idol 2013 winner and what are predictions for the finale 2013
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