Thursday, May 9, 2013

New redband trailer for AFTERSHOCK!

I've been following Eli Roth's (who both produced and stars in) AFTERSHOCK for a while and I'm eager to check it out. Eli plays a dorky American tourist who ends up in an underground nightclub in Chile when an earthquake hits. Stuff crumbles and collapses, people are crushed to death, and the survivors have to dig their way to the top to escape the giant deathtrap. (Kind of like a land-based POSEIDON ADVENTURE... but with lots of gore.)Naturally things are even worse once they find a way out because a nearby prison emptied out during the quake, leaving a crowd of violent (and apparently very rapey) criminals to run amok amidst the chaos! Check out the new redband trailer below:Wait what?! After all the awfulness the main characters survive, they get wiped out by a freakin' tsunami?! Jeez movie trailer, that's a pretty huge spoiler!So after viewing the latest trailer what do you think of AFTERSHOCK? Would you go see it in a theater? Would you give it a rental? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!AFTERSHOCK gets a limited theatrical release on May 10th, with a DVD & Blu-ray release soon after.

New redband trailer for AFTERSHOCK! Images

... New Red Band Trailer Experience the Aftershock in New Red Band Trailer
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now, the people putting together this red band trailer for Aftershock ...
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Red Band Trailer & Poster For AFTERSHOCK, Opening Next Friday!
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Aftershock Red Band Trailer: It's a Madhouse! - Movie Fanatic
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