Saturday, May 11, 2013

Everything Has Changed

Everything for the Warriors has suddenly changed in the last 3 weeks. No longer will the Warriors be picked to win 35 games anymore, no longer will they be a laughing stock in the NBA, no longer will they just be known for their fans and uniforms.The 2013 Playoffs have changed everything for the Warriors. The changes started the day the new owner took over, continued when they drafted Klay, stuck with Lee, traded Monta, and nailed the 2012 draft when they were able to grab Barnes, Green, and Ezeli.The Warriors have a young core, a super star, they are gaining playoff experience, they have an actual NBA center, a good owner, respected GM, still great fans, and they are YOUNG.The Warriors own the Bay Area right now. We haven't seen this level of excitement with the team EVER. This can be sustained. The "We Believe" team wasn't young, they weren't ever going to be a continued playoff threat with their core (which is why they tried so hard for KG), this team is different.My kids have a chance to have a solid basketball foundation as fans. They can grow up rooting for a winner. The Warriors have changed everything. They are winners, they are young, and they're not going anywhere.Go Warriors

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