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Here’s a page full of food masks and herbal steam mixes that can be used to make facials, I’ve separated them into two separate groups for easier browsing.IngredientsBefore getting started:When mixing food items, use sterile utensils and containers.Wash hands really well so they’re clean before handling the treatment.Apply a bit of the mixture to the inner wrist before using on face. This will help ensure your skin won’t have a bad reaction to it (allergies).If skin begins to feel irritated or burning, wash off immediately.Preparation:First step is to cover face with a warm cloth to open pores, then apply the facial. Wash off with warm water and rinse with cool (to close pores).Food Ingredients To Try:*Times noted are for how long to leave on before rinsing off. Crush or mash fruit well first.Honey–15 minutes                                                                                      Oatmeal & Water Paste–leave on until it’s hardAvocado–20 minutesStrawberries and honey (about 1 TBS)–10 minutesStrawberries, plain yogurt (paste)–15 minutesStrawberries & Cornstarch (2 to 1 ratio)–mash strawberries very well and mix in cornstarch. When a paste, apply then remove after 30 minutesBananas (ripe)–15 minutes. Can also add 1 or 2 TBS of honey to the banana.Papaya–5 minutesGrapes and honey (paste)–25 minutesKiwi, 2 TBS yogurt (plain), 1 TBS fresh orange juice–15 minutesYogurt (plain)–20 minutesThe following herbal steams not only hydrate the skin and help clean pores, they’re also wonderfully relaxing and a great way to de-stress.It’s a good idea to not overdo them as too many can be harsh for skin. Limit to 1 or 2 a week (maximum), less if skin is sensitive.If feeling light headed or woozy during the process, stop at once.Preparation:Clean skin thoroughly and tie hair back so it won’t hang loose and get in the way.Boil a kettle or pot full of water then add the herbs and fruity ingredients (about 1/3 cup fresh or dried herbs and fruit per 4 cups of liquid). Boil for a minute or two then remove from heat. Cover and let steep for about 5 minutes.Place pot on counter or table (on top of a towel to protect the table surface) and remove lid. Cover your head with a large clean towel and position face over the hot steam (with the towel acting as a tent over the bowl to capture the steam).Keep eyes closed and face at least 10 to 12 inches from the boiling liquid. Enjoy the fragrant experience and relax, but don’t overdo it–keep the time between 5 to 7 minutes.When finished, splash with slightly cool water and pat dry.Recipe Ingredients To Try:Spearmint, Lemon Slices or Balm, Orange SlicesChamomile, Rosemary, PeppermintGreen Tea, Rose Petals, ChamomileRosemary, Lemon, HoneyLemon Slices, PeppermintLavender, Calendula, Rose PetalsLemon balm, LavenderFennel Seeds, PeppermintChamomile, Fennel Seeds, Rose PetalsThyme, Peppermint, LavenderParsley, Lavender, Lemon balmSage, Lavender, Rosemary, ThymeCinnamon, Orange SlicesPeppermint, Cloves, RosemaryA few drops of favorite essential oils can also be used. If you love the aroma from a particular herb, try that alone for a pleasant experience. Experiment with different citrus pieces, herbs, and even a spice or two. From: Tipnut


20+ Homemade Facial Masks & Steams: {Fruit & Herbal} :
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homemade masks
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... Books for Health – March 15, 2013 Edition - Amazing Herbs and Oils
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Homemade masks for oily skin - Salt Lake City Beauty |
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