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Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young Shang - Susur Lee's Magical Mystery TourbyGael GreeneIt says a lot about the souped-up speed of gentrification in New York and even more about Susur Lee that he was willing to close his rocking hit restaurant Susur in Toronto for Shang, a hotel dining room above Orchard Street. It must have seemed quite a lure at the moment of commitment: The Thompson LES hotel with a world class restaurant in Manhattan's hottest new zip code. Now, with escalating financial wipeouts and even crazed nocturnal nomads pinching dollars, there's more riding on Lee's back than just his ... - Dec 15, 2008Review: Men In Black IIIbyJaskee HickmanThe story in Men in Black III unfolds as a new and more dangerous alien arrives on the scene to destroy the world and kill Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). It is then that his partner Agent J (Will Smith) has to step up and save the day. This is not a normal fight against an evil extraterrestrial though. For this job, J has to go back to 1969 to do it. There he meets a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and learns about some of the secrets of the universe all while trying to do whatever he can to prevent the destruction of the world. - Jun 02, 2012Green Bay Packers' Primary Team Needs For 2011 NFL DraftbyBryan T DavisAnalyzing primary team needs for the Green Bay Packers for the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft. Five such needs are included in this article. - Apr 20, 2011What Do Real Stars Have in Store?byDamien GhoshA world well into its 21st century is not satisfied with merely being one of the nine planets of a star-studded universe. It wants star status for itself, to be a part of the star cast in every act of the universe. This is obvious if we take stock of the entertainment scenario that dominates the world. - Apr 03, 2010Cast List For Harry PotterbyKenny LeonesThe actors in the Harry Potter movies originated from the United Kingdom. There are seven Harry Potter movies in all. Harry Potter is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in the movies. - Sep 07, 2009Fantasy Basketball 2-Week Frenzy Forecast (1-18 - 1-31)byKyle J SmithFantasy basketball summary for the next two weeks. A look at the next two weeks of NBA action. - Jan 14, 2010Interview With Kay Williams and Eileen Wyman, authors of "Butcher of Dreams"byTyler R. TichelaarSet in the seedy mid-1980s New York City neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen-where drugs and prostitution run rampant--Lee Fairchild's repertory theater is the perfect place for bizarre occurrences. But when her antique Aztec mask is stolen, creepy coincidences start to flourish and Lee is faced with a sinister mystery that threatens the future of her start- up theater. Lee, a sensitive, sympathetic main character, and her troupe of temperamental actors must face a dangerous madman and seemingly supernatural scares, all while trying to create a successful opening show for their off-Broadway theater in Kay Williams and Eileen Wyman's spine-tingling new book "Butcher of Dreams.",-authors-of-Butcher-of-Dreamsid=1008171 - Feb 25, 2008In Advance of Father's Day, Ten Cinematic Takes on Being a DadbyJohn FarrPrior to saluting fathers far and wide later this month, why not pop in some first-rate DVD titles that examine the distinct challenges of fatherhood, and how various dads rise to the occasion or, for a host of reasons, fall short. I lead with one of the most heartbreaking foreign films on record: Vittorio de Sica's neo-realist masterpiece, "Bicycle Thieves" (1948).,-Ten-Cinematic-Takes-on-Being-a-Dadid=2454094 - Jun 09, 2009A Sneak Peek Into September FightsbyTravis YoungSeptember is shaping up to be a great month for fight fans featuring major events from the likes of UFC, Strikeforce, Art of War, and Sengoku. With most of the fight cards now finalized we are here to give you a sneak peak on what is coming up in the month of September. - Sep 04, 2009The Secret of an Online Think Tank - How on Earth do They do it?byLance WinslowYou see we take in massive amounts of data from all types of sources. Sure like most Think Tanks we follow the news events and current happenings, yes of course, we also search the Internet and draw on personal experiences and observations. Yes, we engage in dialogues to attain various perspectives on the topics. But something else we do is to constantly read books written by others who are top in their fields or have achieved something and consider the implications of their words.

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