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500 Miles For One Kiss...6

Dekyi...Karma N TsewangI admitted Jampaling school from grade one as a new pinch but Karma was already there laughing with his classmates. After couples of weeks our social madam told us to memories some paragraph from social text book. I still remember the chapter called Parent. Honestly, I learned English when I reached Jampaling, I was 9 at the time. I still remember a sentence from that chapter “Father and Mother are called parents” but at that time, this sentence beat me so badly and I was banished from class and make me stand on the sunny day for whole period. But Karma had easily memorized the paragraph without any difficulty. I though “how can he do that?” I question myself “why I am not like him”I met Tsewang when I was in grade two, he was brilliant and charming having a friendly smile but he was thin and lean. At the moment, we were just classmate nothing more than that…we played marble together but he prefer to play football more than marble. When we were in grade three, we got fight… I don’t remember the reason behind the mess up and unluckily our headmaster saw us fighting. As a punishment, we both stand upside down by leaning to the wall, just below our head there were dustbin. If we lose our balance or any problem with our hand then our head will go straight into the dustbin. The punishment didn’t last for a whole period luckily. He changed his mind after ten or fifteen minutes and told not to fight. We shake our hand and apologize to each other.I don’t know when our friendship is exactly formed, as a single continuous drop filled the vessels just like that  with each passing days make us closer and now we are family….harder to leave and impossible to forget and they are my estate. The most I can do for my friend is simple to be their friends forever. If they know that I am happy in loving them, they will want no other reward then my friendship indeed.I don’t wanna wait longer for the right time to ask for a coffee because I was running out of my holiday plus both Tsewang and Karma had planned a week trip to Mustang and Manang for me. And I don’t wanna lose their esteem toward me. Beside they organize the trip for my felicity and happiness because they knew I love travelling.That very evening, we were discussing about the trip. I opened my fb account through Tsewang’s phone, luckily she was online.“Hello…would you like to have a cup of coffee with me…as a friend?”Without any hesitation or faltering, I asked her with heart beating softly on my flat chest.“Ya, sure…..where are you now?”“I am at home…give me your location”“Right now I am in lakeside at N’café just near the Big Bazar”“O.k…I be there…just give me 10 minutes”Without any late, I wash my face and grabbed a black jean, white t-shirt and black coat and head toward her. I try to make a good impression as I totally believe in first impression is the last impression. In my mind, I keep arranging sentence with choosing the polite and best words to impress her. So, she might think I am not an ordinary guy. Both Tsewang and Karma granted me a permission to go there as we were in the middle of discussion. Before I reached there, I make a call to Norbu not to bring a cigarette.As usual she looked fascinating and charismatic and she was accompany by small but cute white dog. I went straight toward her with big smile “You must be expecting someone” “I am kidding….I am Tsering.”  She gave me an appealing smile and I was bewitched seems like she put a hex on me…………………..“What you like to have?” I subdue my anxiety and asked her politely but I was murmuring. I feel completely at ease and willing to discuss anything when we meet online but when we actually meet face to face, I was unable to talk her easily. I was nervous; my temperature rises up. I took a deep breath silently. Earlier I had taken some trips about meeting face to face from internet to subdue my excitement and anxiety but I was fail to gain confident and relax. “Milk coffee” I went toward Norbu give high-five and order the coffee. He gave me victory smile.“I think…I saw you here” she asked me after a short silence. I was happy that somehow she was able to remember me.“Ya, I was here when you were….” I didn’t complete my sentence. “Would you like to have anything else?” “ …thanks.”WILL BE CONTINUE....feel free to comment

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