Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Resale Royalty

The other day, I was doing some work-work and had the tv on. There was a brand new show called Resale Royalty. Too lazy to get up to get the remote and change the channel, I decided to keep watching it.

The show follows Women's Closet Exchange, a resale store in St. Louis. Wait - St. Louis? I couldn't believe it either. Not that I am knocking St. Louis - I have been there and it is a beautify city. But who would think that this resale shop came form there. The Fashion capitol it is not.

The store is owned by Sue McCarthy along with her daughters and business partners, Diana Ford and Laura Maurice. The have a cast of characters employees who are also featured on the show.  Not only do they sell designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Pucci AND Gucci. They also buy in store as well as do closet shops. They have gone into some of the most beautiful closets I have ever seen in my life! There they assess the items the owner is thinking of selling. The show premiered back in April on the style network. I am not sure how I missed this.

I must say I was a bit shocked by how little the seller (supplier) is given.  But I am also not in the business or even a seller. That is until now! They access them by designer, if they think there is a market for it in their store and many other factors. Listening to them, it makes sense. AND the sellers are taking the offers.

It got me to thinking about some of the bags I have.  I posted a note on Facebook to see if anyone knew of resale shops with designer goods here in Indiana. My High School friend came to the rescue! Katie McCloud has owned several successful resale shops here in the Indy area. She now has a new venture - Trader Buck's Flea Market - she's in Booth 32. She told me about Simply Chic and the Toggery. The Toggery sells on consignment. Simply Chic does fast cash. I'd much rather deal with the fast cash.

I have actually sent Katie some pictures of some things I may be willing to sell. She thinks she may just have a buyer! How cool is that? We'll see what they offer. I won't be too disappointed because of the cost is too low, I'll just keep them.

I'll let you guys know what  hear..........

Have you seen the show? Have you purchased or sold designer items to a resale shop?
If so, what are your thoughts?


Resale Royalty Images

Resale Royalty Thrift Shop Macklemore Poppin Tags VIDEO | Styleite
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Sue McCarthy in "Resale Royalty" - © Style Network
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Resale Royalty HOME
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... Fashion Reality Show “Resale Royalty” | Alive Magazine Blog
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